30 Octubre 2017

The Architecture Drawing Prize

We are pleased to announce the winners of the inaugural Architecture Drawing Prize curated by Make Architects, Sir John Soane's Museum and the World Architecture Festival
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The Architecture Drawing Prize
The Architecture Drawing Prize
Make, Sir John Soane’s Museum and the World Architecture Festival have come together to create a prize for architectural drawing. The Prize recognises the continuing importance of hand drawing but also embraces creative use of digitally produced renderings.

The Architecture Drawing Prize welcomes entries from architects, designers and students from around the world while celebrating drawing’s significance as a tool in capturing and communicating ideas. This is in the spirit of many great architects of the past from Palladio through John Soane to Le Corbusier and Cedric Price, who developed the device of drawing in different ways to advance the art of architecture. How is this happening now in our highly visually driven culture and with the many new tools available to us?

The Drawing Prize looks forward to expanding discourse on this theme with an exhibition of the winning and shortlisted entries at Sir John Soane’s Museum in London in early 2018. The winner of the Drawing Prize will be invited to attend the exhibition opening at the Museum.

The Prize results will also be publicly announced at a display of selected entries at the World Architecture Festival in November in Berlin. The overall winner will receive a WAF delegate pass, and will have travel and two hotel nights paid. The two other category winners will each receive a complementary delegate pass and two hotel nights.
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