17 Junio 2015

Charles Correa dies

Leading Indian architect Charles Correa has died after a brief illness in the western city of Mumbai, aged 84.
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Charles Correa dies
Charles Correa dies

Often described as India's greatest contemporary architect, Mr Correa's eye-catching buildings helped define its post-independence architecture.

Mr Correa was known for his wide-ranging design work, from cultural and civic monuments to modest housing developments.

His influence and style has spread far beyond the subcontinent.

Among his recent last works were Toronto's Ismaili Centre and the Brain Science Centre at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), his alma mater.

Mr Correa was responsible for designing a number of landmark buildings in India, including the Gandhi Memorial in Gujarat, the Bharat Bhavan and Vidhan Bhavan in Bhopal, and the Kala Academy in Goa.

Mr Correa was often critical of the way cities were being planned. 'Market forces do not make cities, they destroy them,' he said at an awards ceremony.

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