12 Abril 2015

15 Inspiring Pinterest Boards for Architects

It starts innocently enough. You head to Wikipedia to research the latest trends in self-healing materials. You tell yourself you’ll only read one more article. And several hours later, you’ve fallen down a cyber rabbit hole so deep, you can’t remember why you opened your browser in the first place.
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15 Inspiring Pinterest Boards for Architects
15 Inspiring Pinterest Boards for Architects

Conventional wisdom tells us that procrastination is a bad thing. Yet putting things off can actually lead to increased productivity, smarter decision making, and greater success. In fact, one study found that looking at photos of “pleasant images,” such as food or baby animals, can boost concentration. And in 2014, scientists confirmed what many architects already know: Looking at certain buildings—like museums, churches, and libraries—may have a positive effect on your mental state.

To help you make the most of your midday slump, we found 15 inspiring Pinterest boards for architects. Go ahead, we won’t tell anyone. Do you have a favorite Pinterest board? Let us know in comments!


Architecture // Curated by Barefoot Interiors Styling.
Photograph by Maíra Acayaba.

Colorful Architecture

Architectural Color Details // Curated by Jill Morton.
Photograph by Tomaž Gregorič.


Concrete // Curated by Architectuul.
Photograph by Claudio Reis.


Doors // Curated by Katarzyna Ciszewska.
Photograph by Samuel Drake.


Geometric Design // Curated by Miho Hiramatsu.
Photograph by Jesús Granada.


Architectural Drawing // Curated by ArchDaily.
Detail by AY Architects.


Architecture + Exteriors // Curated by Chloé Douglas.
Photograph by Jasmin Schuller.


Interiors // Curated by Jonathan Boivin.
Photograph by Camille Hermand.

Lovely Spaces

Lovely Spaces // Curated by Bri Emery.
Photograph by Jeltje Janmaat for Sukha Amsterdam.


Minimalist // Curated by Kusno Utomo.
Photograph by Roland Unterbusch.


Architecture Models // Curated by RQ design.
Model by Thomas Lommée and Christiane Hoegner. 


Inspiration in Modernity // Curated by Hyde Park Mouldings.
Photograph by Emre Dörter. 


Museum Public Facilities // Curated by hira1O takashi.
Photograph by Zooey Braun.


Restoration / Restoration // Curated by Namir EL Andary.
Photograph by Helenio Barbetta.


Stair // Curated by Jack (Thailand).
Photograph by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados. 

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