24 Junio 2013

IE master in architectural design

A new post-professional degree in architectural design based on scientific, technical and cultural foundations with an ambitious and international scope.
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IE master in  architectural  design
IE master in architectural design
In today’s complex world it is essential to establish new and alternative models for architectural practice. Architecture and urbanism are clear manifestations of economic, social, political and technological realities and are subject to current shifts in paradigms.
Hence a more global approach to the academic and professional training is required, one which comprises architectural thinking coupled with the pragmatism of architectural practice.
The IE Master in Architectural Design seeks to bridge the gap between the existing fragmented post-professional architecture courses and the ever shifting reality of the professional practice. This will lead to a strengthening of two fundamental foundations of the profession: scientific-technological knowledge and an awareness of the underlying contemporary cultural base. This knowledge, combined with entrepreneurial and management skills, clearly plays a key role in understanding the complexity and scope of the profession when it comes to preparing architects to lead interdisciplinary professional teams.
We propose an ambitious program based on three parallel themes of praxis:
  • Architectural design;
  • Rigorous analysis of the scientific & technical advances to allow the precise use of current and emerging technologies in an advanced practice setting;
  • Deep awareness of the cultural, economic and social milieu in which architecture is immersed.

Thanks to a prominent international faculty and the support of industry leaders, architects who graduate in the IE Master in Architectural Design will optimize the knowledge and decision making capacity required for each phase of an architectural project, while extending their international professional network.
The IE Master in Architectural Design is taught in Madrid and Barcelona to enable participants to benefit from the cultural, historical and urban management paradigms of both cities.
We believe the IE Master in Architectural Design is a unique program in Europe, and that it will build your architectural thought, your pragmatism in professional practice and your scientific rigor, all of which are necessary for architects to excel on their practice.
We invite you to play an active role in this stimulating challenge.

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